10 Best Trucking Jobs

Whenever you think about trucking, your initial idea may be about driving an 18 wheeler all over the country. Although this is really a possibility, there are several types of trailers you could transport cross country and regional trucking work opportunities, as well. The following may help you determine what may be the 10 best trucking jobs to suit your needs.

Over the road truck drivers
Long haul truck drivers, also called over the road truck drivers, are given the best salary for their job, however they also work the most hours. In terms of hourly pay, your rates could be less than what a regional driver would make. Review the specific time you’re working to find out what you’re making per hour.

Delivery service drivers
You might be able to get the largest pay in the business should you be employed by a delivery service business like FEDEX or UPS.

Unionized Drivers
The majority of truck drivers are members of an union, called the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT). The very best paying truck driver positions could possibly be those in which the work force is unionized, offering high paycheck and overtime pay.

Dry Van
The dry van is in fact a trailer which transports dry goods, like non perishable food, paper products, and household items. Dry vans are often the conventional trailers you can see on the highway. Driving dry vans is among the least demanding trucking jobs, except if you’re asked to assist loading and unloading freight.

A reefer is actually a refrigerated trailer, and is comparable to a dry van though is needed to carry products that need to be stored at a particular temperature, like frozen food.

Flatbed trailers are widely used to carry anything from heavier products, to bales of hay to building materials.  Driving flatbeds could be a demanding job, though if you’re hoping to keep fit while you’re on the road, this can be among the best truck driving positions suitable for you.

To be able to transport liquid cargo, like fuel, milk and even corn syrup, companies use trucks carrying tanker trailers. Together with a CDL, you need to possess a specific tanker validation on your driver’s license for you to haul this kind of trailer. Also, if you plan to transport fuel or other dangerous materials, you will need a HazMat certification on your own CDL.

Trucking jobs in the construction industry
Construction companies frequently need to get drivers to work with cement mixers, water trucks or even semis pulling a flatbed truck to safely move large equipment from a location to a different one.

Dump trucking jobs
Dump truck driving involves carrying and dropping supplies for building, excavation and a number of other kinds of job. Dump truck drivers that are also heavy equipment workers get the best possibilities for employment with construction contractors.

Route truck rivers
Just like delivery truck drivers, route drivers run lighter trucks and make repeated stops to a variety of clients; but, as opposed to delivery truckers, they’re expected to execute services or sales functions along with hauling. A few route drivers take orders from buyers, can help stock supply, take out unsold items and send them back to the storage facility or supplier, or sell other products to buyers.

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