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Truck Repairs- Diesel Power Service El Paso

A lot of breakdowns for me this past 30 days. New kingpins,steering box, steer tires,belts, alternator rebuild and the list goes on. My truck has over 815,000 miles on it and the time is now for fixing a lot of what needs to be done before it actually breaks. Preventive maintenance is expensive, but breaking […]


Pacific Northwest Freight

Freight rates in the pacific northwest have always been an up and down thing, mostly down. Getting a good enough rate per mile to even pay for fuel and have a little left over for the house is a good thing. I have had some trouble with this the past two weeks. I just did […]


Hauling Liquid Hazmat On A Flatbed

I just finished a load of bulk hazmat liquid stored in stainless steel totes, boy am I glad that one is over with. The totes were two different sizes and there was one pallet of 55 gallon drums along with it. I had to ask the loader to place the drums sandwiched in between the […]