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Trucker Tough Cell Phones And Watches-Casio

I have to admit that I am tough on clothes, watches and cell phones. My work is not easy with pulling a flatbed, we tarp in all weather, bump into things with our arms and legs and generally tear the heck out of some clothing. Lot’s of sharp edges on some loads and throwing chains […]


Hometime For The Holidays

Most every driver I know has the hometime visit way up on the priority. Being away from home especially during a holiday can be frustrating and wear a person down. Some drivers will choose one holiday or the the other to be home. Since both Thanksgiving and Christmas are fairly close together on the calender […]


Finding That Trucking Job In This Economy

Trucking has always been there for the adventurous and the folks in need of work fast. I found my way to a trucking job through stages of working my way up as a young man. I saw the potential wages as something that was really good for somebody who did not cater to the long […]