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Have You Had Good Luck With Freight Rates?

Get paid more for your work.. Here lately, I have a really good run with freight rates. The top rate I recently was paid was $4.47 a mile. And, a lot of other loads following that one was over $3.00 a mile. The current hazmat load I have is paying $3.21 a mile. Not bad […]


Thank you for visiting..we have cleaned a lot of old posts out

I am sorry to have to say that we had some issues with our move to a dedicated server. Many folks who visited experienced scrambled text, and instead of trying to restore a failed backup file, we decided it was best to move on down the road and delete the mess. Many of your favorites […]


We Have Moved To A Dedicated Server

I want to thank all of you folks who visit for being patient while we moved to our new home on a top level dedicated server. There was such growth that we had to take steps to keep our visitors happy and be able to interact with us here. The site had slowed down a […]