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Crane Boom And Counterweights-Jim The Trucker Video Series

I had a chance to meet one of the Youtube subscribers this past week and it was cool. He was encouraging to say the least as his retirement fun was running around doing step deck work. He explained to me that his favorite videos were the ones that I had posted to help him get […]


Truck Driving Schools Near Me

I have talked extensively about truck driving schools and how important it is to find one that is good. There are many to choose from around the country but finding one that will actually prepare you correctly for what lies ahead is the difference between a smooth transition to a trucking job and one that […]


Truck Stop Near Me

If you typed in “nearest truck stop near me” or something like that it is for an important reason. We have to have safe haven to comply with hours of service regulations and many times parking on ramps and shoulders is prohibited by law and company rules. I will attempt to show you the various […]