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Power Station Radiators Load-Jim The Trucker Video Series

This was a great load even when delivering in Florida. They paid well enough to deadhead back out. I got lucky and was called to do the next load only 150 miles away up to Ohio. This load takes special care in not over tightening the straps for obvious reasons. Strap placement is important and […]


Multi Stop Steel Variety Load-Jim The Trucker Videos Series

This load had many different shapes of steel that needed tying down. From sheet to bar to plate and curved pieces. It went well and this is one video that you will want to see. I was able to shoot the video is 2 parts so you could see the larger sheet before and after […]


Used Machinery Plant Move-Jim The Trucker Video Series

This load took me close to home and paid just fine,especially for Portland. I was glad to not have to deadhead home out of pocket. A fairly difficult tarp job with a lot of corners and peaks and valleys. My tarps did ok, but I did have a seam failure which caused problems. This problem […]