Apr 04 – Recent Trucking News-Trucking Prospects Still Good

I see freight volumes picking up as expected for platform trucks. I also know one good way to see if trucking is healthy and if there is freight moving, looking at truck stop parking lots and what I observe going down the road. I see a lot of moving loads, trailers clearly visible or tires bulging in vans show me that loads are being moved and truck stop parking lots are filling up.

There has always been a way for somebody to find a job when they needed it, it was in trucking. I see this every year and so do the carriers. They have seats to fill to keep up with freight demands and they spend a lot of money finding people to take the job.

Prospects stay bright for truckingThough U.S. economic growth remains “tepid” according to analysts, the portents for freight volumes remain positive as supply and demand within the TL segment is now largely “in balance.” Even though job creation indicates an economy that is only expanding in “fits and starts,” rate gains should emerge in the second half of the year, experts said…

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Iowa 80 truck stop, Iowa, USA.

Iowa 80 truck stop, Iowa, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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