Apr 05 – Recent Trucking News-Get A Bluetooth Driver!

I have seen many drivers with a cell phone pasted to the side of their heads and to me there is no excuse. I have a blue parrot bluetooth device and the sound is great and the volume is high enough for me to hear just fine over engine sounds. People, if you want to improve your driving safety and image, try buying one of those headsets and use it!
If you would like to be able to not worry about getting targeted for using a cell phone, then by all means go in the truck stop and buy one of those headsets and get it paired up with your phone today. There is no real reason I can think of for not using something that has been on the market now for years and is a lot safer to use than nothing at all. This goes for you folks who drive a car, get your bluetooth and maybe save a life, yours! I can see many of you texting and using a cell phone while driving, I watch you roam from lane to lane and not even care. Do us all a favor and get updated with the times.
Truck drivers traveling on I-64 through New Kent, Virginia, are being warned if they’re caught using a hand-held cell phone while driving they risk a fine up to $2,700. And the odds of getting caught will increase beginning April 8.read more

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Person using cell phone while driving.

Person using cell phone while driving. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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