Apr 06 – Recent Trucking News-Recruiting Military As Drivers

You folks all know that there is a big push to reduce our military ranks over the next many months. How and where are these folks going to get gainful employment? I do know for a fact there is and always has been room for military to work in trucking, but as we know the trucking industry has to do a better job in how they recruit and how they treat these heroes back from war. I do hope they take the time to do a good job in making the potential driver job opening as easy a transition as they can. These people coming home deserve that.

I do hope this video series they have produced will assist in making the transition to civilian life a bit easier for those who have served our nation.


Fleet managers who want to learn more about best practices in and resources for recruiting drivers from the military can access four webinars sponsored by the Truckload Carriers Assn. The series includes insight from representatives of the Army, Marines, Air Force, National Guard and Reserve, Coast Guard, federal government, and trucking companies that actively recruit military veterans

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