Apr 12 – Recent Trucking News-Will Natural Gas Prices Rise If We Switch?

Leave to the open market, but I am wondering the same thing about the current natural gas prices if the industry makes the change. Will this lead to a sudden spike and raise the prices for all Americans? The free market supply and demand system may very well respond in rising the costs of this fuel. I would not doubt it a bit if they do.
The trucking industry has always been fascinating to me, I have a lot of stories to share and teaching videos to help you out. I do hope you find them of interest as a lot of time went into production. I do my best to write as I speak and to say it like it is.

NGVs and natural gas prices

– fleetowner.com

Let’s posit for a moment that the a large slice of the trucking industry – both in terms of heavy, medium, and light-duty vehicles – decides to switch over to natural gas as its primary fuel source. What might be the impact of such a demand spike on natural gas prices?The issue is a salient one for truckers because one of the major advantages touted for making such a switch is the current dirt-cheap price for natural gas compared to pricier diesel

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