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Eaton Self Adjusting Clutch Problems

I have to say this clutch design has to be one of the worst to ever be installed in a big truck. Mechanics I have talked to agree and I was shocked to see they even used this design. The Eaton self adjusting clutch is just a poor performer all around. When I went to […]


Like The Yellow Pages, Colleges That Publicize In Mags Have Paid For Advertising Space.

Driving our community's giant rigs takes a certain sort of person-a certain sort of driver. Many things can go screwy. This is no reports to you as a van driver, almost all of whom take their roles truly seriously, but a reminder never hurts and in this business, being too sure of yourself could be […]


Big Truck Breakdown

I had a small problem while delivering my last load from Washington state down to El Paso. I kept hearing this rumbling noise from the back end. I had heard it before, but not this bad. I checked and rechecked under my truck and was looking for any visible signs that there was a problem, […]