Big Truck Breakdown

I had a small problem while delivering my last load from Washington state down to El Paso. I kept hearing this rumbling noise from the back end. I had heard it before, but not this bad. I checked and rechecked under my truck and was looking for any visible signs that there was a problem, I did not see any.  That’s probably one of the more scary things is to have noises and not see a problem.


I delivered my load and went to my main mechanic at diesel power service in El Paso. I had them take a look and they had noticed some play in my driveline. I thought ok, this may not be to bad. They thought it might be a bearing. They did pull the drain plug and there was metal shavings on the magnetic drain plug. Oh No! this is not good, anytime you see metal not attached where it needs to be, it’s a sign of bad things.


I gave permission to tear it apart and find and fix the issue. What they found was amazing. The planetary gear had almost completely failed! Had it done so while going down the road, my differential would have exploded. That would have been really expensive and dangerous. I am glad that they found the problem. It took awhile for all the parts to be located and repaired, but it is all done and runs just fine. Make sure you get somebody who knows what they are doing, you have to time the gears just right or it will fail again.


While I was at it, I had Alamo glass replace both my windshields. They were cracked and dinged, time to replace and stay compliant. I had that done in just 1.5 hours there in El Paso, they did a good job. My truck had 838,000 miles on it, stuff will start wearing out. It was time for some of these things to get looked at and they were judged to be normal wear for that gear cluster.

I was glad to get it all done for a fair price. Rudy Esquer at diesel power service does a great job. You can’t go wrong with the prices and service. I have always gone to him for my truck repairs if possible. If you have a big truck breakdown, go see Rudy.




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