Choosing A Truck Driving School

Choosing A Truck Driving School

Looking through the yellow pages may be another. But, how will you know if it is the right school? You won’t unless you do some checking around on trucker forums. There is a lot of garbage out there as far as spammers, trolls etc. , so weed out the junk and look for the gems. Be advised that recruiters have been known to frequent forums and make alternate comments about a certain school or company, just beware. Do a search for trucking schools and see what the results bring. You may find forum comments and the like spread all over, just take some time to look for red flags on any school. Sage tech has campuses all over, and they are a good school. You may find yourself sitting in the truck with a 3 million miler teaching you, that would be great! Old hands who have retired from the road never quite get completely out of the business, they just switch gears.


If you  live in area where there are many school choices, then you are lucky. Some colleges actually offer driver training. Look over the school curriculum and see if they have the courses.
If you are a veteran and have benefits, chances are you are covered. That’s the way it should be, I have trained many vets on their new job. All the way from Vietnam era vets to the current Iraq war vets. Uncle Sam can pay for your new job, you did us the service, now it’s our turn to return the favor.
If you have a truck stop nearby, go over there and pick up a trucker news or some kind of trucker paper. You will find many offers in there for truck driving school, and for new jobs. Get some of this info coming to your house early, this will give you time to look over the market and what they offer. I will not downgrade any company here, you have to do the research and ask questions. You will get some real answers from drivers if you can find a few who will answer some questions. It takes some leg work on this approach.


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