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Our Nation’s Views From The Window Of A Truck

This the type of view you will be seeing a lot of. The scenery is always pretty good as you sit higher up than other vehicles but stopping and enjoying it is another story.

Seeing the country from a windshield view may or may not be one of the reasons to choose a profession like this. I see a lot of country daily and really enjoy the change of seasons. But, in trucking there are really only 2 seasons, Winter and Construction. I am just kidding you, but in reality the amount of changing seasons and road conditions will be a daily feature.


You must be prepared and ready for what will be coming as you drive our nations highways. Being able to recognize hazards before they become a problem is the mark of a pro. This will take years of behind the wheel time to accomplish. Starting out from one of the better truck driving schools will help a lot.

Being able to maintain following distance so you can react is crucial to your success. Try to focus on the fact that it will take you a lot longer to stop than a car. Do not tailgate, that puts you and the others in front and behind you in danger. Enjoy the scenery but keep your focus on the job at hand.

Not all loads will be driven on a nice sunny day. Trucking is all seasons and that includes some real nasty winter weather too. You will have to be careful when you first start driving and build the skill set that will carry you for the rest of your life. The bottom line is this. Having the best training from a reputable truck driving school will be your best investment. Driving truck will be a skill you will carry with you a lifetime, do your best at it and it will take care of you.


hazmat propane load

Taking your time and loading a load like this right the first time will be the difference between success and a possible hazmat incident. You will also have to have a tanker endorsement to haul this load.

This load was a real pain in the rear. Balancing the propane tanks while securing them was tedious at best. I had to cross chain the legs to stop any movement. You can see the chain in above photo. I made it just fine and D.O.T. did not see any problems when I checked into the Wyoming scale house.

Getting trained correctly by attending a good truck driving school and then making a good choice in companies to work for can be a guessing game. Just this year we watched as an old company went under and left their drivers without a paycheck and no way home just a few days before Christmas. What a real poor way to treat people. Do your research and find the best, most stable company you can find. Not everybody will have all the answers in the economy like it is today. Hedge your bets and use the tools I give you here.

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