Choosing Trucking As A Career

There has been a lot of folks over the past decades who have turned to trucking as a career change. I have seen many change from what was once a good paying jobs to trucking. In this economy there are no sure things when it comes to solid employment. With major cutbacks in hours for some of these other jobs, and cutbacks in pay, many have turned again to trucking to pull them out of a nosedive. It has happened many times over the decades, people get tired of what they were doing before and seeking a more exciting line of work.

Trucking jobs seem to have their ups and downs, just like anything else it depends on so many factors. What is the state of the economy or the season? With the holiday season just around the corner, there will be a demand for freight to be hauled just in time for store shelves to be filled for shoppers.  We at least hope the economy will show an upsurge in spending and then the supply demand will rise to meet the anticipated holiday retail season.

I do not haul much of those goods, most of mine is related to oil field, gas exploration, and other energy related fields. But, the van freight will rise to meet these needs of our nation, and we all hope there will be a good demand and keep the truckers busy hauling supplies to these stores.

With the holiday season, there will be a demand for more drivers to make sure that all the needs for our country are met. You can see that around this time of year, more driver jobs open up. There is a natural ebb and flow of driving jobs, but the holiday season creates a few.

Come January, there will be a downfall of need for freight in some sectors. You will see this happen each year like clockwork. Since I supply the construction trades, much of the flatbed freight will fall off in some parts of the country and stay that way until the spring building season comes back. It all depends on what contracts become available for freight, but that seems to be the norm.

Freight rates will climb in the northern sections of the country during Winter. A lot of drivers avoid that section of below zero temps. and blinding snow. The good thing about that is, because I live up north, I am more used to the conditions and this creates a more profitable freight lane for me.

However you look at it, trucking will always be here for those who choose to make it their own career. It has it’s ups and downs just like anything else, but those who choose to take up this type of work should have no real problems putting food on the table and paying the bills.

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