Come Join Our New Forum

I have tried creating a trucking forum in the past but it never did take off as I wanted it to. I did not have the time to really sit down and get all the features installed like I wanted to so I bagged the idea. No need or sense in doing something half assed. I do want to announce that I did finally create a forum today and it is now open.

I called it the Truckers Choice since it seemed to ring nicely and it is a word combination we will remember. I welcome you all and I hope you find find time to register and post. I will try to keep up with it and post good info for you truckers out there.

New drivers can ask questions and get the help they need while veteran drivers can share what they know and help all of us. Come on over and join the fun, we may be new but we will be a force to reckon with very soon!

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