Crane Boom And Counterweights-Jim The Trucker Video Series

I had a chance to meet one of the Youtube subscribers this past week and it was cool. He was encouraging to say the least as his retirement fun was running around doing step deck work. He explained to me that his favorite videos were the ones that I had posted to help him get started in this job. He also mentioned that videos with people just sitting in the truck talking did not help much so that was good to hear. This video has some of that type of footage but I do keep it down to a minimum. How-To videos always seemed like I was able to help someone, not so much as the lecture videos. I will try to keep that down to an as needed basis to clarify something or make an important point.

Long crane boom and 3 crane counterweights. I show in close detail how the chains go on something like this. The boom was 40 feet long and each weight was 13,000 lbs so we had to be creative on where to set it so it would be stable for transport.
I do get off on a rant at the second part but it is how I feel. So many loads get taken by people who have no business hauling any of this stuff and I tell them where to get off..

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