Crane Mat Loads

Typical Crane Mat Load Of The Wooden Variety

Wood crane mat loads like the one shown here are the most common and good paying loads for this type of freight. I have hauled many of these loads in the past and they get me where I need to be most of the time for the next load. I have only hauled one crane mat load that was the composite type of materials, most all the time they will be made of wooden beams or railroad tie-like wood.

These beams are placed in front of the tracks on huge crane equipment so they do not sink in the mud or soft soils. It is a must that they do this for ease of movement for many tons of pressure on the tracks and the ground traveled. Simple physics really, displace the weight across a wider base and the tracks will be able to do their normal work without sinking in soft mud or dirt.

They have us haul many of these loads as it takes a lot of this type of plank system to keep the cranes moving. You will see a whole mat yard full of these on most projects that you book freight from.

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