Crane Track Load-Jim The Trucker Video Series

This was an unusual load for me as I had not done one of these in years. I deliver this load Monday morning so it is about a fresh of a video as you can get. I was very overwhelmed by the heat of South Carolina and did my best to get everything done and not forget anything. It was so dang hot it was all I could do to finish.

I have another video but it was so dark that it was hard to see. I will let you guys tell me if you want me to upload it anyways. It was just more of the cable reels but had to tarped and was multi stop as well.

I am at the end of my bandwidth for the month and have to be careful what I do for a couple days on the net, but wanted to spend my remaining time getting these videos up to you so you all had something to watch. These loads are most of what I was doing the past couple weeks. Loads have been slow to get and I had a couple of common ones I did not shoot. I do hope you enjoy what I have for you…

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