CSA Scoring System Flawed

Remember the old days if you had a small light bulb out and received a warning and repaired it then no worries no harm no foul? Well that does not work anymore as the government has decided that even a small warning or any warning at all can reflect points on the CSA score of both the driver and carrier or trucking company. What makes it worse is that there is no way we the people have any idea what points were added or even IF they were added. There is no transparency is this administration at all. No big surprise eh? What if there is a four wheeler who hits your fender merging? Where is the explanation if there is a non preventable accident and the CSA shows points just for accident?

Things have grown steadily worse over time ever since the 2008 election. We have rogue people making rules that make no real sense and it is high time we start squawking about it.

We are tired of the FMCSA ignoring us as a whole. No matter how much we try and the yoke of tyranny from around our necks the tighter they clamp down.We must fight and never stop or they will win the control game. It is after all just control to them without rhyme or reason.

Some one I know who is fighting the good fight has created a petition to have our voices heard and I would like to invite you to go to the link and take a couple minutes to sign it so we can get this show on the road. It is your business and livelihood at stake here. It is your freedom at stake here. This lifestyle and profession we have chosen is being chipped away a little at a time until we will not recognize it. Help put a stop to the control freaks in Washington with a great first step.


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