Eaton Self Adjusting Clutch Problems

I have to say this clutch design has to be one of the worst to ever be installed in a big truck. Mechanics I have talked to agree and I was shocked to see they even used this design. The Eaton self adjusting clutch is just a poor performer all around.

When I went to get a clutch adjustment I found out what type of clutch it was and I was not pleased. I know, I should have pulled the inspection plate myself when I bought it to see what it was, but I actually trusted the salesman, big mistake.



You see, this was my third truck purchased from Werner Fleet Sales and I figured I would be able to trust to some degree what they told me about the truck. I have learned the hard way and it has cost me $2600.00 just for this repair alone. The turbo blew up in 14 days of purchase also, they did cover that repair but you have to be kidding me on this one. They said it has been to much time between purchase and failure. They just want to skate away with the profits and could care less how much strain this places on my one truck business.

I asked for full disclosure on the maintenance records and they refused to show them to me. That should have been a clue right there. They claimed it was a new policy, yeah right, policy to hide broken shit more like.

I asked for a class A sale and they told me they did not offer those any longer, just a class B sale. This allows them to do stuff like retreads on drive tires. I traded that garbage for installing my old drive tires which were more trustworthy.

The one good thing was the Tri-Pac generator that came with it. I had issues with no alternator and they did fix that. But people, you put a truck up for sale at the same old price with double the miles on it you should cover really bad stuff like blown up clutches. There is no way in hell that a veteran driver like me is going to blow up a clutch in 90 days, not happening.

Years ago this place was fairly good at making sure you got a good serviceable truck. If I had been still leased on there they most likely would have replaced the truck so they could keep the driver trainer team rolling and making them money. I gave that up a long time ago as the only people who benefited was Werner. Since I am not leased there they could care less. My 8 1/2 years of my service to them along with the purchase recordĀ  did not seem to phase them a bit. I guess they do not care about repeat customers because I can say now that this is the last time Werner Fleet Sales will get a dime from me.

I have to say that with a truck that has 577k miles on it I did ask the questions. I knew it was older and wanted to make sure I could get at least a year out of it before major parts replacements started coming in, but this was a joke.



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