Extending lead-acid battery life + MORE Recent Trucking News Apr 22nd

When I was at home last time, I took my battery covers off and cleaned all the terminal connections. They had become corroded with all the Winter salt and were not charging correctly. It is a good idea to clean these connections a couple times a year and your batteries will last longer as they are all accepting a charge going down the road. If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself then by all means have a service tech go through them all and clean them.

I used a wire brush designed to clean the terminals and the connectors. You can buy these at any auto parts store. I also made a mixture of baking soda and water to pour over the area to neutralize the acids leftovers and keep it cleaner.  Keep a diagram of your connections or make one before you take them apart so you are not broke down from a lack of proper connections. They also make an electrical grease that you can treat the connections with to keep the corrosion down to a minimum which helps a lot.

Extending lead-acid battery life

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The conundrum traditional lead-acid batteries face in trucking is that the long operating hours coupled with harsh conditions – extreme heat and cold, supporting hotel loads, etc. – can wear them out before their time.Trucks at Work
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Most news we like to see is good and positive, but sometimes it seems like the trucking industry has had a lot of changes and not all good. New laws, rules, and regulations make our lives much harder than it should be. Some news we cover will of course be on this, but on occasion we may actually have something cool to report. Let us hope the cool stuff outweighs the rules stuff.

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