Fabricated Steel Beams Load-Jim The Trucker Video Series

This was one that required a bit more looking at for different sized pieces and how they were placed together. I added two extra chains for a trap to help attain that warm fuzzy feeling…hahaha. I hope this one helps for you folks who get to haul steel of different sizes as it does take more than a few straps. I have seen loads of beams going down the road with only straps on a flatbed. This kind of securment is asking for injury or death for the driver. Look up pictures online of loads that came all the way through the cab and killed the driver, not pretty.

All I can think of when I chain down something like this is a mom and her kids in a mini van driving down the road and being near my truck, I want to make sure they go home safe and sound. If a driver has to take evasive action, be happy in your mind that the load will be where they put it and not in someones lap.

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