Find A Good Trucking Company-And Staying There

I have only worked for 3 trucking companies in my whole career of 16 plus years of driving. Finding one that you can count on to pay fairly, not screw up your paycheck or take deductions that you were not counting on is a big plus. We are out here for a reason, to pay the bills. I know I enjoy owning my own truck and being leased to a company that I can choose my freight. Having some real peace of mind in that regard is fantastic. We cannot always choose every load unless you work for a non-forced dispatch company. There are certain fun aspects to the job, but the bottom line is what keeps the wheels rolling to move the freight and get that paycheck.

Certain aspects I looked for in the good trucking companies that I applied to were as follows.

1. Reliable and fair pay for work performed.

2. Treating the driver like they are an actual human and not a piece of meat.

3. Hometime requests being honored as much as possible.

4. Good reliable trucks that are maintained and not rolling pieces of junk both inside and out.

5. If you have to deal with a dispatcher, find one who is personable and not a jerk.

6. For a company driver, finding the benefits package that will add to your overall satisfaction.

This is just a small list of some things to look out for. There are so many aspects of the job and variables, the list can get pretty long. I like working for a company that has reliable pay, something you can count on like clockwork and not worry about being able to pay bills on time. Having to worry about whether or not you will have anything left after deductions is not a good thing. Drivers have enough to worry about out hereĀ  without having the payroll department totally mess up your bill schedule and cause issues with your creditors and above all, your family.

Do some research on your own. Doing a search for the trucking company name and reading anything you find and gauging your next move as to when or if you plan to put in an application for them. If there is a truck stop nearby, you can ask drivers from the target company whether or not they like where they are right now. You may get a mixed bag of reviews, so put it in perspective.

Going with a trucking company that has been around for some years gives you an advantage. There will be some information out there on the net to search for. Call them up and ask about an application package. Ask to speak with a recruiter, and also ask to speak with one of the dispatchers if you can. Find out if you are going to try for a regional job or go long haul. Asking some questions to more than one person will give a better overview of the company you are interested in.

The whole idea of asking these questions ahead of time is to try and determine if this would be a place you would spend years of your life and build a good job history. I have not job jumped and it has paid off in dividends for me. I get a much better response when I talk about years spent at a company, it builds trust in your word and trust in your job performance. They know that you are not going to just up and quit when the going gets a bit rough like it did this past year with freight rates going down the toilet. I stayed the course and rode out the bad rates at the same company. It has paid off for my wife and myself, rates are back to pre-crash levels for the most part.

There are going to be a few small things that may not go your way at any company. It’s just a matter of working through these small wrinkles and continue working and trying to help work with the staff there to do the best you can. Being able to work through the small problems will also show the employer that you are a professional and willing to work with them. Getting upset over every difficulty that comes your way will label you as a problem. Staying away from this label can help with long term employment.

Planning to stay for the long term and setting goals is also a huge help with planning your employment term. Long term as well as medium and short term goals should something you set and do not stray from. One long term goal may be running a million miles and getting that accident free status. This is very honorable and many have achieved this, you just have to set your goals. Right from the start, having a clear path to long term employment at one company is something that is somewhat rare in this industry. You can be different and set your own life pattern from the start. If you plan well and stay at one job for years, there is personal satisfaction that goes along with this.

Plan well, do your homework and find that one golden place that has more pluses in the column than negatives. They may not all be the most perfect choice, but if you pick correctly, then you have years of stable income ahead.

Good luck and stay safe out there,


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