Finding That Trucking Job In This Economy

Trucking has always been there for the adventurous and the folks in need of work fast. I found my way to a trucking job through stages of working my way up as a young man. I saw the potential wages as something that was really good for somebody who did not cater to the long years of college and the fact that it was cost prohibitive for me at the time.

I worked at North American Van Lines or NAVL when I first started. Working in the warehouse part time and going out with drivers to the jobs and helping with the packing and moving. This was hard work, but when you are really young it seems just like an exercise program to me. The economy was doing ok and coming back from the lean years of the late to early 1980’s.

These days it seems, there is another great need for truck driving jobs and those who can qualify and fill those positions. I see this time of year as a normal big push for freight to stock shelves for the holidays and then the big downturn come January.

Trucking is not an easy job, long times away from home and having family away from you can be a hassle or worse. Military veterans do this job very well, they are used to the long periods away from family and the sometimes isolation that comes along with it. There are a lot of veterans that have come home to find their jobs lost, and trucking can hopefully fill some of those needs.

I have trained many of these fine folks. I am proud to have given back something to them that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.  We thank you for your service to our great nation. We all hope that you can find that one company that will take you on and treat you with respect.

Veterans, remember that recruiters are the same in trucking as they were when you signed up. How can you tell if a recruiter is lying?…Their mouth is moving. Ask questions and try to get anything that you expect in some sort of writing and get them to back it up with a contract if possible. Contracts can be a double edged sword, read the fine print and do your due diligence before going to the signing up part.

There are trucking companies that do well in this type of economy, they just haul cheap as heck freight. You will run your behind off to make those production miles in that type of business model, but you can make it fine to get that needed experience. They count on volume and keeping overhead really low. It is hard for some companies like the one I am with to compete, but we are based on a much higher driver experience level and haul a bit more specialized type of freight in many cases.

Be prepared for forced dispatch in these companies. They have to keep things moving to meet quotas and contracts that may have been created years before you hauled the freight. Based on what little I know, I can bet you will or should be able to make your financial obligations and eat, but with this economy, all bets are slightly marginal.

I have had a good summer. I have stayed moving as I wanted to, but currently I am stuck in Amarillo Texas with no real good paying freight. This happens from time to time, I try not get stuck, but it happens.

Have a great holiday and stay safe out out for boneheads!


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