Freight In A Summer Of Recovery

How has your summer of recovery for freight been? I have seen an upsurge of energy related industry freight across the board. Most of the freight I hauled this summer has been related to coal, wind, oil exploration and production. My rates have been on the rise, and we all really needed that. Most rates were above $2.00 a mile and many rates for loads were almost to pre-crash levels. I am glad to see this like all of you.

I just want the government to get the hell out of the way and let our economy and small business take care of itself. There has not been that much road building related freight for me, not sure about you. Most all the freight I hauled was for oil and gas fields.  The highest paid loads were for coal mines in Colorado and the oil fields in North Dakota.

Oil field production inland and not on the gulf has really skyrocketed. With all the government hassle of shutting down our oil production in the gulf and killing jobs there, seeing a major influx of goods and services to our inland oil fields has been a boon.

I do hope that the continued surge in goods and services will grow in these areas, we all need the work and our economy needs the growth and jobs. Killing jobs in the gulf will not help us one bit. All those folks down there have had to deal with hurricanes and now the gulf oil spill. Stopping oil production kills so many industries that supply the various portions of the oil platforms. Bulk drilling mud in totes hauled by flatbed is only one product that this industry uses.

Ceramic drilling sand from China of all places seem to be one of the largest incoming freight items that has to be hauled inland. I would like to see this item produced here so Americans get the jobs, but tell that to whoever controls our imports and the fact that many of our factories have been shut down over the last 20-30 years. More factories close each and every year since the economy crash, but it has been also a long term thing.

What is wrong with our policies that allow whole industries to be killed off in one of the worst economic times we have seen in many years is beyond me. I would think that the safety record of the oil industry over the last 40 years should be taken into account. One really bad mistake and the drastic amount of hurt that it caused to our fishing industry should not go unpunished, but shutting down a whole economy is not the answer.

Many of us depend on the freight this gulf economy produces. I have seen more loss of what was usually good freight volume down in that region go down the toilet. The imports have helped to a degree, but we should be making these products ourselves and not so much importing. The trade-offs are American jobs for American families as opposed to short term freight from outside the U.S.

I hope we remember on Tuesday when we vote, vote for America and jobs. Not for ideology and job killing. Vote for who you think will be the best choice for your state. Our nation will depend on your vote on Tuesday, will your vote be for control of spending, building up the job creating¬† industries and letting the free market system take it’s own course? I sure hope so, I do not talk much about politics, but our nation is in need of voices being heard. I have had enough of the bullcrap and false promises. It is time we tell government to get the hell out of our way and let us decide what we want to do with our lives.

Trucking is and has always been a freedom that many have enjoyed. Freedom to create their own small business and run it as they please. I have always wanted to do this and enjoy it. There is no job in the world like trucking for me. We haul freight and keep America in products and services to keep and create jobs with the goods we bring. All you eat, wear, and buy was probably handled by a trucker at least once in it’s trip from the manufacturer to you the consumer. The more the economy builds, so the freight levels follow.

No matter what happens on our voting day, we will be here to haul those goods to you, our fellow Americans.

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