Freight Volume

I have noticed  the normal slow down of some freight in certain areas may be hanging on a bit longer than normal. I also see fuel prices rising yet again. I wonder, will the folks who set fuel surcharges ever seem to keep on top of the volatile price index of a barrel of oil and how much we pay at the pump? It seems some of the low dollar freight gets less and less likely to get picked up as fuel rises and the fuel surcharge sits at last weeks rate or worse. I do get a little bummed out when I see that happening.

My truck has not rolled that much this part of the year. I have looked for freight and do not see it in my portion of the country. I have limits on the weight I can haul and I have personal limits on how cheap I will work for. I don’t like to award those brokers with hauling their cheap freight and I will leave it sit every time.

I have looked for freight in a fairly wide radius, I use 200-300 miles deadhead as a rule. The more dense the population, the less miles I feel I need to look. I was in San Diego the other day, I used a 200 mile radius and there was nothing to haul but machinery right back to where I started. So, I took that and went home again. If there is no freight right at a major border crossing like San Ysidro Ca., then there must be a problem.

It is a short time for flatbed, I have been out here long enough to recognize this and make other arrangements, but I do hope this spring brings some better freight. I saw a recovery of sorts last year and was doing really good this past summer. I do hope this trend continues. We could all use a break.

There is freight out east, but I try to stay out of the northeast if at all possible. Way to much regulation, traffic, hassle and rude people. I try to stay out west where there is room to breathe and run the truck for long hours without traffic jams. I would much rather try for freight runs down south and mid-south. There is good volume there.

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