Gulf Coast Freight

I just delivered a multi stop load that finished up in Alabama. The outbound freight for flatbed looks good down here as it has been all summer. I especially note that for flatbed, there are a few loads taking gulf oil spill equipment back out of the area to it’s origin. I talked with several people and asked how they were doing after the spill and if they were having any real difficulties with the aftermath of it all. I saw where many had went through quite a lot of personal hardship and dealing with more than just this man made disaster.

There were a few stories of local flooding and from Ivan and other storms. Dealing with that was enough of a problem without having millions of gallons of oil dumped in their laps. I asked how they were getting along and the fact that a good amount of the country was pulling for them to recover. It is a wonder that the economy is doing this good down here (all things considered) and that much of the normal outbound freight is slowly picking back up.

These folks have lost a lot of time on what is the regular tourist season and the freight that feeds that season has seen some real hits. The van and refrigerated freight has went down according to those who I have asked . People that normally haul seafood out of here has lost a lot and have had to scramble for other freight to haul.

The government and BP contractors may have had freight for some of us, but the majority of the seafood industry has taken a bad hit that may take awhile to recover from. I did hear that for those who had made claims with BP, they reported that they were getting some help.

Just the type of recreational vehicles I hauled down here would lead a person to think that there must be something better going on than what is in all the news. Most people don’t buy those kinds of things and not have a full refrigerator.

Freight rates and volumes seem to be holding for the time being down in this region of the country. I see where there are rates above $2.50 a mile for basic legal flatbed loads.  There are a lot of lower paying freight too, just depends on what the goods are and where it goes. The longer line hauls pay a bit lower in some regions like the pacific norhwest. This has been normal for a long time. There are multi stop loads that pay $2.86 a mile, but you have to roll a week for all the stops. I saw that one today and it paid $5700.00 total line haul or something like that. I like those kinds of paying loads, but the hassle of multi stops across the country can be a hassle.

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