Have You Had Good Luck With Freight Rates?

Get paid more for your work..

Here lately, I have a really good run with freight rates. The top rate I recently was paid was $4.47 a mile. And, a lot of other loads following that one was over $3.00 a mile. The current hazmat load I have is paying $3.21 a mile. Not bad at all. I do hope you are getting paid decent for your hard work.

With fuel being so stupid at the the pump, it’s no wonder if these folks want the more difficult freight moved, they need to pay for it. A lot of drivers started sitting out again and staying home and parking the truck. Not me, I am rolling like the wind. I have run my butt off the past few weeks with good paying frieght.

When I get my fuel card loaded, I take the maximum amount allowed. This extra that is left over from good rates, goes direct towards any repairs. It cost me over $750 to replace my air conditioning compressor. Some would say “Ouch!”..but that’s the going rate out here. With the temperature around 105 degrees and tarping a load, you need to have some a/c to go sit in and cool down. All this was paid in cash from the good rates and the left over money on my card.

Just say no to forced dispatch idiots…

Are you stuck at a fixed rate company? Or, maybe a sliding scale depending on miles on the line haul? I would say there is a better way to make a living out here folks. Landstar has been good to me. I do choose when and where I run just like the xm radio commercial. I dispatch myself on the internet and I don’t have some idiot dispatcher ragging me all day, “Where are you?”…”Can you deliver on time?”. What a load of BS. I think back to forced dispatch days, and it’s a wonder I didn’t go off on some of these idiots. You don’t have to put up with low freight rates, and their line of BS.

You work hard as a driver, why not make it worth your while? I am glad I came over to Landstar some years ago. I was tired of crappy pay per mile, and the bad attitude that goes along with it. You can get a much higher freight rate at a much better company.

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