Hometime For The Holidays

Most every driver I know has the hometime visit way up on the priority. Being away from home especially during a holiday can be frustrating and wear a person down. Some drivers will choose one holiday or the the other to be home. Since both Thanksgiving and Christmas are fairly close together on the calender for the long haul drivers, choosing one over the other to spend at home seems to be a normal thing.

If you are lucky enough to live in a freight lane area or major interstate corridor then your chances of making it home on all the holidays and special events will be easier for you to do. I live in a remote area of Northwest Montana and it gets really dicey sometimes with weather and getting in on those two lane roads to my house.

I hope all of you out there on the road have your hometime loads coming up or in the planning. I got lucky this year and have both my connecting load that I am under now and my home load already booked up and waiting. I have to make a roundabout down to Laredo and get that load next, but it will be an easy one I hope that will get me really close in miles for Montana, 135 miles from the consignee to my door. That is close for my area. I have had to deadhead or bounce up to 750 miles to get home.

I am gathering up what presents I can find and also ordering presents online to be shipped for arrival by Christmas. I plan to not be empty handed when I get there so all of my family has something for a gift. My wife and four legged children will all have a present. My dogs and Kitty will be happy to see me, they do get sad when I fire up the truck to go on the road.

I can smell the cooking pot of home made chicken and noodles that my wife always makes for my first days. Then the movies that are already bought and planned for movie night. I did buy the expendables for us to watch, I am glad my wife likes those kinds of movies too.

The holiday meal should be good. My wife lets me in the kitchen to make the sour cream cookies that I love so much. We both make the cookies, but I make the icing. Love that stuff. I can sit and get bloated on cookies for days. We end up making at least 5 dozen.

After so many weeks on the road, it gets really hard to think of the steps it will take just to get home with the freight and me in one piece. The roads up there can change in hours, and you really have to watch what you are doing and pay attention. I do hope all of you make it home safe and sound for your holiday driver hometime.


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