HOS Repeal Fails

D.C. Court Of Appeals Sticks A Boot Up The Ass To Truckers


The Halls of Justice

The Halls of Justice (Photo credit: A.Davey)

If you were having a good day then I have some bad news, be prepared to fight on to get control of your life back.Don’t these people have any clue that we run our lives and our daily business and not them? As far as I am concerned they can go piss up a rope. I am tired of some dipshit in a court far away telling me what,when,and how to do a job I have been doing for decades.

The ATA filed an appeal to get the new law for hours of service repealed. The law had come into effect July 1st and not many people were happy about it, including me. The provision about restarts worked against me the last run home. I had a legal restart earlier in the week before booking two loads that would take me home. I ended up having to run my ass off to make it to the consignee to have enough time to make a 34 hour restart. This would have been avoided under the old rules but no, due to the fact that I had a restart earlier the previous week, my restart could not be claimed. I do hope you folks are happy with the way you use such braniac skills to figure how you were helping me avoid driver fatigue….idiots. I had enough time to finish the two loads, but not enough hours to drive the 300 miles home after the work was done, nice huh?

This administration is hell bent on controlling every aspect of your life and your ability to make a living. I for one am tired of it all, I want the government to be there, but not so overbearing that I cannot even breathe. This is getting ridiculous now, at every turn it seems they find new ways to screw over the American worker. We had HOS rules for decades that was never touched, it was fine as it was. Then they went on a roll and made some changes. We adjusted and went on with life. I liked it as it was then and got used to the new rules and built a regimen around those rules, then in comes Lucy with the football. Charlie Brown never saw it coming even though we knew what was going to happen before the event took place.

I can bet money that not one of these judges has ever even sat in a truck, let alone do the job and take care of a family with the proceeds from that job. Nice job D.C. Appeals Court, you really proved what side you are on, false fatigue data and not facts.

Let me know what you think of it below, I would like to hear how this ruling fits in your daily life and wallet.

Truckers report did a nice writeup here


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