HOS Restart Rule Reverts Back To Freedom-Recent Trucking News Dec 24th

When the new restart restrictions came out as rule, I knew it was going to be bad for the industry. Taking 30 minutes away from a drivers 14 hour work day makes for more pressure to still get the job done. Let alone the fact that team drivers were totally screwed over by this crap since they had to have the 1am to 5am portions of rest for a new clock.. You see the direct result from them having zero clue from what this rule would do, more wrecks.
I, for one, am tired of big government thinking they know how to run my day to day trucking operation. I may not run production miles but I will say that any 34 hour off time period should be counted as a restart. I had to scramble to run what available hours I had to make the bills. I was doing fine before this bullcrap rule, I did not need for these people to make my life any harder.
My freight gets chosen by rate per mile most of the time and not just destination. I can pick and choose what I haul and for how much. If I choose to sit for a couple of days before the load is due for pickup then I should have my new clock ready to roll the load and any after that.
I wanted to see the 30 minute sissy break go out the window as well. I do not need any government idiot tell me when I need to take a break. I know how I drive and when I need to stop. I should be the one running this truck and not some stupid nanny from the DOT.
Anyways, Merry Christmas to all and stay safe out there!
Questions and answers on the impact of the suspension of the HOS restart provision approved by Congress (as supplied by American Trucking Associations).

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I included some other points of view here and do not agree with most of it, you can be your own judge on this stuff..

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