How much do ice road truckers really get paid?

Okay, so I hear that those ice road truckers get paid a shit load but how much is it really?

I get this question a lot, people ask me that to see if all their risk is worth it doing the ice road. They appear to be company drivers from what I have seen and they do really well for each round trip. The pay has to be good so they can do the job, collect their pay and take the rest of the year off if they choose.

Drivers who do this on a daily basis come from regions usually which have extreme weather conditions or where they would normally operate in these types of conditions. It would be extremely difficult to even think of doing this type of driving without a fair amount of Winter driving in a drivers history. Knowing how the truck feels on ice and snow, how to react to certain situations and how not to, makes all the difference when driving in weather like this.

In my humble opinion, knowing you have to be at the top of the game when having to clutch, match road speed with the correct gear and more. You would not want to grab a wrong gear and shock the drive tires and throw yourself in a drive skid, you would have to have all this knowledge to match road speed on any ice or snow packed road. Being in the correct gear for the load weight and conditions to keep your brakes from being overworked is also a major factor when hauling over size loads that may weigh a lot more than normal limits.

I wanted to add some videos from real ice road truckers who do this type of work all the time and are not affiliated with the ice road truckers t.v. show.

From what I have been able to find out, these drivers get up to  $2,000.00 per run. A good driver can earn up to $60,000 or more per season which can run about two months or so given ice thickness and other factors.

With all the danger factors of going through the ice or breaking down with no heat inside the truck, that’s a lot to consider when thinking of the higher level paycheck. I myself will just stay where I am at and haul in the lower 48 and pull a flatbed. If I bring home over a grand a week as is usually the case, that’s just fine with me.

I do hope you like the selected videos, they are of drivers who perform these duties on a regular basis.
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