Japan Is Rocked By Earthquake And Tsunami

Our hearts and prayers are with the folks who live in Japan. Both events have caused a huge amount of damage and sadly, a great loss of life. Our two nations have made great strides over the years, I am sure that our country will come to their aid. As prepared as they were for a huge earthquake in building design and disaster preparedness these two events have caused a lot of damage.

Their country is much more advanced than many in the world, but when dealing with mother nature, all bets are off. We hope that they will not have any problems with their nuclear reactors and getting that under control. The last thing they need right now is to have a third disaster strike on top of the other two.

It was horrifying to watch a live coverage and streaming video of the wall of water wiping out whole villages. I even saw one body float by along with many of the cars. Many of the survivors have taken refuge in businesses that opened their doors to those who were stranded. Much of the infrastructure and transportation was destroyed, making it almost impossible to get home. Just in the greater Tokyo area there is around 30 million people. People could be seen sleeping in cardboard boxes, volunteers handed out blankets to the folks who were stranded. Everyone slept on the floor and seemed to do okay with it.

With most of the phone and power out in many areas ensure that the Internet went along with it. There were some Skype videos sent and then aired to the news stations around the world. It is amazing in these times of advanced technology that we’re able to see this disaster unfold almost in real time. What was interesting to note that the newscasters themselves were wearing helmets while speaking on TV. There are probably a lot of booms and other equipment around them that is not visible and could fall from another aftershock. Some reports show 100 aftershocks, some of the shaking fairly severe. Many of the people have reported nausea due to the amount of ground shaking.

The world will be watching and praying for the folks in Japan, world aid organizations most likely have activated their systems and will be on the way shortly. With infrastructure damage as it is, getting to the more remote villages may be one of the issues. The debris from the tsunami will most likely block many roads to the more remote areas. Getting aid to these people may take a bit more time. As the waters recede, the damage will become more apparent. Assessment of the damage and loss of life will be coming in over the next 48 to 72 hours. It is crucial during this time to try and get relief supplies to the stricken. We wish them the best.


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