Jim The Trucker Video Series

Welcome To My New Video Series

I will do my best to provide the most tips on driving and tying down a flatbed load. These tips and comments while I am driving will be from years of experience, designed to give you real hands-on training and safety tips on how to tie down a load, drive through some of the larger cities, and stay safe out there. This job can be one of the hardest but most rewarding jobs available. It is not the same as it was years ago, it has gone through a lot of regulation changes and new rules for all of us.

The new CSA 2010 rules have really messed up our job in a lot of ways. I disagree with much of it, and you will hear me talk about it in the various videos. I try to keep cursing to a minimum but some days that is almost impossible with all the idiots on the road.


Our first video is here..
http://www.jimthetrucker.com/jim-the-trucker-videos-series-flatbed-load-from-mississippi-to-laredo/[dzs_videogallery id=”gal1″ settings_separation_mode=”normal” settings_separation_pages_number=”25″][dzs_videogallery id=”gal1″ settings_separation_mode=”normal” settings_separation_pages_number=”20″]

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