Kenworth T-660-Jim Gets A New Ride

I wanted to update you folks on what has happened in my corner of the trucking world. I had some changes that needed to be made on my old truck to upgrade it and decided to call my salesman where I had made truck purchases before. I was only asking about what they had available on the lot. I ended up going by and visiting as I needed to ask about a better quality truck and something that had an APU or auxiliary power unit (generator).


The salesman at Werner Fleet Sales told me about a Kenworth that had all the things I asked about. I needed something that would have better mileage potential and the generator to keep idle time down. This truck was one of three they had left so I went and filled out the credit application. They were not as confident as I was that I would be approved, mush less that I would and in just a couple of hours or so.


Since you guys know that I pull a 51 foot stepdeck, I needed something with a shorter wheelbase and this truck is at 230 inches. It fit all the requirements I had and more. I did a test drive and it drove very nice. We did some haggling on the details and I was able to get them to fit my headache rack, my drive tires, and my storage box. I also got them to convert it to a 13 speed. I will give more details later on as I am tired from moving all my stuff and setting up the new truck. I hope you like it as this will be featured in my Jim The Trucker videos from now on. Here is a direct link to my truck specs. Kenworth T-660


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