Landstar BCO Days 2015

I had a chance just this weekend to attend my very first Landstar BCO Days event. BCO stands for Business Capacity Owner. We all own our own small business here and it is a great model that they have built. It is not for everyone, but a lot of us do just fine here.

Built on a non forced dispatch basis, we run our own show. Landstar corporate puts on the feed bag once a year and shows us the appreciation they have for us. We enjoy the climate here and it shows. I will post the photos I have from the event. A lot of these will be from the early morning before most of the attendees have arrived. I also will include some of the packed events, many time there was standing room only.

landstar logo



The main office building..some of our classes were held here.Landstar Corporate Office


Early morning photos from the first day are next. After getting registered and getting our goodie bags we went for breakfast. It was always good and they kept us very well fed.

bco days registration       bco days


bco days breakfast

The tent was huge, there came a time when the attendance was about 1500 people. The tent photos first here will be early morning and folks sitting down and eating. It was a long day and coffee was mandatory.

bco days breakfast

Our introduction to our new president Jim Gattoni was good. We got an idea of who he was and his vision for the company.

Jim Gattoni Landstar

The next photos will be from the vendors who displayed large cars and other trucks. You will see a few that will make you do some wishing I am sure. They had Indiana Custom Sleeper show up and I toured the insides at least twice. Beats the hell out of standing up with very little room and trying to get dressed in the morning.

SAM_4862     t680 custom sleeper

t-680 cab     T-680 custom sleeper1

T-680 custom sleeper2     T-680 custom sleeper3

T-680 custom sleeper4     T-680 custom sleeper5

Some of the next photos shown will be a collection. I was snapping photos like crazy and not all turned out as is the case with an event like this.

T-680 Kenworth     T-680 exterior1

T-680 exterior2     T-680 exterior3




Can you guess the driver pet? He was a real hit and enjoyed his time here..anybody say bacon?

Don’t say it very loud…you might hurt his feelings..LOL

One of our driver pets


Comdata Deliver To Win Truck Giveaway

BCO Days giveaway truck1     Peterbilt giveaway truck

Can you imagine winning this truck? All you have to do is your job and nothing else, an entry is placed on your behalf each time you deliver a load and you get entries for other things like clean inspections and stuff like that.

Large Car Alert!

large car1


I love this American Eagle chasing the Terrorists don’t you?

Large car alert 2     Large car alert 3

Large car alert 4     Large car alert 5


 How You Store A Harley In A Sleeper

harley in a sleeper 1     harley in a sleeper 2

harley in a sleeper 3     harley in a sleeper 7


Armorall Sends A Representative To The Landstar Truck Beauty Contest

Armadillo Rep1

Armadillo Rep2     Armadillo Rep3


Meeting Time And Giveaways Of Cash And Prizes



meeting2     meeting3


The Next Day We Had Bad Storms In The Area

Storms raged around us and we eventually retired to the main corporate building as a precaution. Note the water running on the floors as our tents were set up in a parking lot. It all went well and we had a good time anyways despite the weather.

rainy meeting1

rainy meeting2     rainy meeting3


I Met A New Friend

On occasion I meet people who have found my trucking videos but this has to take the cake. Hylton Smith is from New Zealand and he has to not only be the furthest traveled guest for BCO Days, but he had found me from my videos and has been talking with me via Facebook and YouTube comments. I was pleased to make a new friend that day.

Hylton and me 1


Hylton and me 2     Hylton and me 3

Good to finally meet up with you and I am glad you were able to make such a long trip to see all of us Landstar folks!

This post took me hours to complete and I have a lot more photos to share. I will do another post later on and show the truck beauty contest and the truck driving competition. I only hope you folks are able to load such an image heavy page as it is. I do hope you like what you see here and will hit a share button and show others.

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