Load And Road Photos


I will try and upload some load pictures here and few from the road so you will see how some of this works. Anyone looking to do this type of work will need the correct training before you tackle any type of hazmat. The law requires it and it is the only safe way to transport this type of goods.

Hazmat Drums On A Flatbed

hazmat load

Proper Block And Brace Hazmat

Block and Brace Hazmat

More Block And Brace hazmat

Remote Flatbed Delivery Occurs

Remote Flatbed Delivery


You will find yourself going down some really remote roads on occasion. It is essential to have some good directions ahead of time before going down what could be a dead end road. I had to squeeze through this cattle guard and did not have 3 inches on either side of my trailer. This load was picked up at a rail head and was used railroad ties. Very remote rolling terrain, drive slow and careful.

Being ready for this type of work requires preparation and planning. Save yourself some real time and lost revenue by getting the real scoop on this type of work from a road veteran.


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