Turn Up Your Diesel Engine Full To Capacity

Turn Up Your Diesel Engine

I have checked over the past months on getting my c-15 cat motor turned up to it’s full potential. I was shocked at what these mechanics shops wanted to turn up the hp or horsepower. I was quoted from $650.00 to over a grand just to make few changes in the e.c.m. and get my full power rating. I thought to myself, what a ripoff.

I had just loaded a load of treated fence posts in Raton NM. headed for 2 stops in Texas. The load was heavy of course and I grossed out about 78,500. Not capacity at 80,000, but close enough to drag my motor down. On top of that the rate was not that great and I needed to watch my fuel. My engine at the time was rated at 435 hp as that was how it was ordered for the company that bought them for company rigs. I had bought it from the fleet sales dept. I pulled the load to Amarillo and fueled up again to make sure that I had all I needed to finish the run. After fueling, I went and got my shower and came back to the truck. After putting my stuff away, I noticed a note on my window taped there. I usually don’t look at them, but this time something said to me, read this one.

I pulled the note down and read that this mechanic would turn my truck up and check all my parameters for an amazing price of $100.00. I just about jumped out of my shorts on that one. I looked over and saw the young man walking up and down, placing the handbills on the trucks windows. I got out and flagged him down. We talked a bit and I agreed to have him look at my truck and look and to see what he could do. I went in and got the money and came back out. He hooked up to my e.c.m. interface under the console and took a look.

He tested the cylinders and shut off fuel one at a time to make sure there were no issues, he looked for any fault codes and there were none. What he did for me that day was turn my truck up to about 625 hp to the ground, remove all throttle cutbacks and make this truck a powerhouse. I was really amazed at how fast and how inexpensive the whole thing was. I gladly handed over the hundred dollars.

He said that you will notice the difference before you even get to the corner, he was right. I took off and saw that I had a new truck under me right away. Pulling out on to the interstate, I saw right away that my truck had more power and was a lot better in getting up to speed. I still had all the fence posts on, and that was a good test. Since it was the same exact weight, I could see how the performance difference was before and after.

I ended up driving my full shift for the day, about 687 miles and I did not want to stop. My hours were gone and had to shut down, but I was pleased with my truck and it actually was fun driving it again. I had to learn how to shift and power all over again, I made adjustments to my technique and that worked. I no longer had to shift as often, and my shoulder got a rest on shifting. I would say that this was the best hundred bucks I had spent on the truck in a very long time.

I will include a scan of the flyer that they put on my window. They will honor the price even though the date may expire on this special. They only work in Amarillo, so if you get by there to the T.A. truckstop or nearby, they will come to you. They work out of their vehicle, so it’s a mobile operation.

Here is the contact info in case you cannot read the print on the flyer. They work on Detroit, Cat, and Cummins. They guarantee their work, I have had zero problems and all is good with what they did on my 2004 Freightliner Classic with a C-15 Cat motor. I also have seen an increase in fuel mileage, it’s a small change, but every bit helps.

Diesel Doc
Jordan Freeman



More horsepower and fuel mileage for diesel engines

Diesel Doc Amarillo Texas

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Diesel Doc Flyer

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  1. A.J. Thomas says:

    Is there anyone in Maine that will do the ecm uprate for that sum of money???

  2. Jim says:

    A.J., not sure on that state. You would have to try and call the folks on the form there and ask them if there is a database of people who have the program who can offer those services. Good luck and I hope you find the info.

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