Common And Unique Flatbed Load Photos

I wanted to share some of these flatbed load photos for awhile now, it has been some time since I have added a major amount of photos to my blog for those interested in seeing what type of flatbed loads that are out there waiting for you to haul. This will be old hat for a seasoned road veteran, but the new person who is thinking about flatbed or just trucking enthusiasts will find them interesting.

This first photo is of a Cat diesel engine that needed to be delivered to North Dakota as-is with no cradle under the engine for support. This a very precarious load and demanded special care with the chain attachments at the bottom of the engine. I had to go buy these shackles just to get my chains in the right position. Having a good sturdy tie-down at a low point kept the motor from moving. I made this load over some roads that had a lot of heavy curves and hills with no problems. My old saying is “Boy! I’m glad that one is over with”.

Cat engine

This next load is fairly common in cotton country. I had picked this load up and delivered it in Lubbock Texas. It picked cotton out of my chains for a month on the headache rack. That was funny, but it paid ok. I think I lost some 25 pounds or more of cotton on the road, enough to build many t-shirts. Sometimes you just have to take what loads are out there.

cotton bale load

This next load is a real jumble. It was all mixed dimension machinery and had to be tied down individually of course, it was a time consuming process to say the least. This was also an LTL load. The paving crusher in the back was one load, and the rest you see was the other load.

A rough jumble of Machinery

paving crusher and LTL load

LTL loads on flatbed

Some loads can be under some extreme low temperatures. This load was  in Northeast Montana and was pumps for building a water treatment station for an Indian reservation.  The load was removed via crane, the pump parts were very long and the load had to be placed many stories down into the ground where they would pump the water.

water treatment pumps

Everything was frozen, it took me awhile to get the straps off this load and the tarp too. It was like an ice block.

water treatment pumps

The crane was there and this is what you would see when you arrive to unload. A crane on standby waiting for you to get your load ready to off-load. The temperatures were below zero if I recall correctly.

crane appointment

More crane photos

crane unloading flatbed

My most recent load was this load from East Los Angeles area to Moses lake Wa. It was a fun one to tarp. I had to chain down in two places with 3/8 chain due to the top heavy nature of this load. It was paper mill rollers inside of a heavy steel frame. The shipping frame was built for it and bolted to the bottom. I did not use this as a place to attach chains due to the bolts possibly working loose.

tall flatbed load

The back portion of my trailer carries some assorted heavy steel pieces that needed 4 chains and one strap to make me at ease with carrying it. It was partially on a pallet, but we had to manually move several pieces to a better position for stability.

top heavy flatbed load

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