Looking For Truck Driving Jobs?

With the economy the way it is and people are looking for something that will at least make them a living, many still turn to driving a truck as a way to make ends meet. If you are one of those people then let me help you.  The road to a truck driving job has many steps and it may sound rosy from a job brochure or advertisement but I can let you in on a little secret, it is not all that easy to step in and start driving right away. There are jobs all over this country right now for people who are willing to take them. If you were to look in North Dakota right now and the oil shale boom you would see many jobs posted for anyone who has a CDL or commercial drivers license. This is only one example of where to place your target once you get through all the driver training, but there are trucking companies all over that could use drivers right now. I will explain in this comprehensive report what steps it will take to get your basic class A license and how then to get the OTR or over the road driving experience required to land one of those jobs.

Let’s put aside where to get a trucking job for now and concentrate on how to find a good truck driving school and how to pay for it. There are a lot of good schools for getting your CDL but which one? Where you live may make a difference but if you are willing to travel or relocate on a temporary basis then the one school I suggest will be Sage. I do not get paid anything to mention them, I am a graduate. I had my chauffeurs license since 1979 when I got out of the service so all I needed was a refresher course since I had not driven in some years. I had spent my early trucking career at North American Van Lines but had taken a few years off to do other things, you may have a similar situation like mine or you may be starting from scratch. Sage would be just one of the schools I would suggest looking into since they have a driving ratio of one student to one teacher, or they did almost 15 years ago. I will include a link here at the bottom of the page for a story about Sage in Twin Falls so you can see what I am talking about, along with other info on that school to help with finding truck driving jobs.

Returning Military Veterans Can Use Their Benefits At Sage

Let us take a look at Sage right now and see what they can do for you. If you are a returning veteran and require assistance in placement in one of these schools and tuition help, they have a program and counselors to help you. Military life really gives you a major step up in advance, you already have what it takes to perform the duties and have the self starting drive this job needs.   “If you are a military veteran who wants to obtain your CDL using your Post 9/11 GI Bill or other veteran’s educational benefits, SAGE Truck Driving Schools has been a trusted nationwide leader in CDL training to vets for over 20 years.” Veterans go directly here to see what Sage can do to expedite your trucking career.

The Next Step Is Finding A Good Trucking Company

If you do plan on attending Sage you should know that due to the fact that Sage is a top truck driving school, the driver recruiters are going to hover over this school like buzzards. They will do all they can to present their trucking company in the best light possible. It is your job to weed out what you don’t like and find one that works. Remember to make your choice carefully and always bear in mind job stability and work record over time. If you join or sign on, plan to stay there for at least a year or more. I would say two year minimum employment for a driving job is key here.

If you were to want to upgrade your trucking career and make a move to an owner operator based company like Landstar, then you will need the two year OTR or over the road and a clean driving record. Landstar screens well over %65 of applicants out and will not even consider them  It takes a lot to sign on and a lot of hoops, but in the long run it is worth it. I got off track a little but not really. I am showing what your goals should be for the long term. Shoot for a really good trucking company and make your record there. If you choose to buy a truck later on and sign on to an outfit that is all owner operator then you are laying a great foundation for the higher level income in trucking. When it comes time to talk to an authorized Landstar recruiter then you may visit my page with the contact info here and tell her that Jim sent you. Make sure you have the base requirements in place and ask your questions. Cindy is really good and she is a retired driver herself.

 Build A Great Safety Record


Building a good safety record in trucking is a matter of building good habits from the start of your career. Whether it be just driving down the road or backing into a dock or parking spot, you must be paying attention all the time and watching what you are doing. I get out of the truck when backing and will do so as many times as it takes. I do not care how long you have been driving, you are still responsible and you should be checking what the heck is around you and how much space you have to get parked safely.

Defensive Driving:

When driving it will become apparent what drivers in cars will do next by watching their heads. I wanted to give this tip so you can use it for yourself. You can see if a person is looking down at the seat or turning their head side to side that they are either going to be distracted possibly or getting ready to change lanes. You can read body language of a driver and guess with reasonable certainty of what they may do next.

Weather Conditions:

In trucking the weather can change in a very short time. I have seen winds come up or a blinding snow storm just over a hill which took all vision away in seconds. A driver will have to be able to be ready for this and prepare yourself with some methods that may save your life. In blinding rain or snow that comes on quickly you should slow down and drop your road speed gradually, do not dynamite brakes and cause another issue of lost traction. Use the rumble strips on the side of the road to guide you if it is that bad, you can place your tires on the rumble strip and feel your way to a safe haven to park. I would submit that stopping on the shoulder is creating a hazard and making you a target for an accident.

On To The Trucking Companies And Company Sponsored Truck Driving Schools

Let’s get on with the list of good trucking companies to start out with and see what we can find for more info on each. Bear in mind that community colleges have truck driving schools and they also will have placement assistance as well as Sage helping you find a reputable company to inquire about. They usually have lists of places to fill out an application and some contact info to get you started. I will try to place here what could be a fairly good list of places to start, the contact info should be accurate but can change over time. We will also examine company sponsored training. *note- the logos shown here are the property of the respective trucking companies. I am not associated with them and do not get paid to mention them in my reviews. pam-transport-logo2    Pam Transport: I will include here the main office contact for Pam Transport. This is the home office but they have terminals all over the place. Give them a call and ask for an information packet and I am sure they will accommodate you or direct you to their website which is located here.   PAM Transport, Inc.
297 West Henri de Tonti Blvd
Tontitown, AR 72770
Toll Free: (800) 879-7261
Phone: (479) 361-9111
Fax: (479) 361-5338
Recruiting – Experienced Drivers: (800) 283-5125
Recruiting – Inexperienced Drivers: (877) 440-7890 ffe-logo3  FFE Or Frozen Food Express: At this company they offer in house driving school, placement and even owner operator later down the road. This is one place where you get started and move up the ladder from ground zero. Refrigerated or reefer freight has it’s own set of guidelines and delivery set by the product you are hauling which feeds all of us. If you have ever wanted to pull this kind of freight and get your feet wet, then this company is worth a look. FFE Get started in a great career in a growing industry with the most driver-friendly CDL training program in the country. 

For more information, call 800-569-9232 I will include the direct link to the student page where you can get started and see what they have to offer you. Please visit this link to the student page



These folks also have a driver training school that may utilize. I will include a link and they have a quick apply app on the right side of the page. I will also include the base info from their website to get you a quick start. I have seen the trucks on the road and it seems like nice equipment but I have never worked there so do your own studies.

  • Cash (get tuition reimbursed when you drive for Roehl Transport)
  • Tuition Assistance Program: You may qualify for a loan from Roehl Transport, Inc. when you meet Roehl Transport’s qualifications and standards.
    • Minimal out-of-pocket costs (students are responsible for registration fees, licensing fees and lodging expenses).
    • No tuition payment due as long as you are working for Roehl Transport.

To learn more or enroll, contact a Roehl Transport CDL School Admissions Representative at 800-693-7016.

I will be adding more trucking companies as time rolls on. I would also like to advise you to be very careful in selecting driver recruiting services. There are all kinds of people out there trying to take advantage of you and take your money in a CDL mill type of operation. Please do your studies and search for any pro or con reports out there in websites and forums. Check back for additions to this page.

Please visit our main page if you need help with finding the path to a good truck driving job. There are many companies looking to hire this year and they need drivers. Looking For Truck Driving Jobs?