Mar 08 – Recent Trucking News-Scheduled Interstate Closure 6:00 pm

Here at Jim The Trucker we do try hard to keep you up to date on things that directly effect you, the trucker. Our news is as current as we can keep it so you can make plans for routing or other changes to your daily work. If there is an alert for response or a call to action, we will try to keep you in the know so you can participate as you see fit. Pay special attention to the interstate closure scheduled for bridge removal in our first story.
The removal of an unused railroad bridge spanning Interstate 10 near Tucson will help commercial truckers shave almost 70 miles off their trips, according to officials with the Arizona Department of Transportation.

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The St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund, a nonprofit organization that helps truck drivers suffering from financial hardship due to medical problems, is taking its new fundraiser to Louisville this month. The Big Rig of Change was the brainchild of “Little” John Leistra, an OOIDA member from Ontario, Canada.

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Big KW Reefer

Rebecca Brewster, president and chief operating officer of the American Transportation Research Institute, received the “Influential Woman in Trucking Award” from the Women in Trucking Association at the Truckload Carriers Association’s annual meeting on March 5, 2013. The award is sponsored by Navistar…

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