Mar 11 – Recent Trucking News-New Safety And Economy Items

There are so many new devices designed these days to help the large and small fleet owner, but knowing which is a liability and which will actually save you some money in fuel costs remains to be seen. I know for a fact that people who buy a gps unit that is not designed for big trucks stand a chance of having some major routing problems. I had a student insist his new gps would help us, I found out otherwise as he routed us right into a residential area. This is just one small example of how technology that was designed to help us drivers out, can actually turn on us and cause some major headaches. See the bottom story for more warnings on how that works for you. I still use an old fashioned map and actually call for directions, I have hit no bridges or routed myself into residential areas..haha
I see on the top story folks buying these trailer fins for box trailers. I am not sure how much fuel they think they are saving but I do know that I am glad I pull a flatbed and do not have to screw around with that mess on the back of my rig. I would not want to have to worry about all the extra wires and messing with folding that stuff down just to deliver. It to me is just another mess. These cheap freight carriers have such low margins, maybe they have to do all they can to save pennies. Get a life people, frame your rates to take care of your fuel and stop cutting rates for the rest of us.

New Truck Aero deviceNew Truck Aero device
New Wings for Trucks. New aerodynamic device that saves fuel and helps protect the environment.


ATDynamics receives EU approval for TrailerTail aero deviceNASHVILLE, TN. ATDynamics announced that it has received European Union approval for a version of its TrailerTail rear-drag aerodynamic device.The company made the announcement at the American Trucking Assns.’ Technology and Maintenance Council’s 2013 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition…

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has begun distributing cards to truck drivers warning them that using navigation GPS devices meant for smaller vehicles can be dangerous and could lead to trucks hitting low bridges.

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