Mar 14 – Recent Trucking News-Freight Rates Going Up?

Freight Rates Increasing?

I will believe it when I see it. But with fuel at over 4 bucks a gallon and holding, we are losing a lot of our extra money that would be placed towards our maintenance bills. All the extra money I get for hauling loads gets left on my fuel card to use for what I need, that money has dwindled a lot under the current administration. The last white house occupant finally started talking about the federal reserves and it did lower fuel to about $1.63 average from what I remember. This guy does nothing and the fuel is staying at over 4 bucks for one hell of a long time. It is the open market I understand, but when talk came out about the fuel reserves being loosened the prices dropped.

Freight rates have their natural cycles as most of us know who have been doing this a long time. They have seasonal cycles and other forces. Let us hope that we can bring the base up to meet our operating costs. That would help a great deal, but it will trickle down to the folks who will see some rise is goods and supplies. After all, trucks bring everything you eat,drive,wear,or have as a luxury item.

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English: Interstate 25 northbound at interchange with Interstate 80 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Conditions for rate increases “ripening,” say analysts

Freight analysts are becoming more confident that the trucking industry can obtain freight rate increases and even boost profit margins in the coming months, though much depends on industry efforts to keep a lid on rising operational costs as well as whether U…

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Freightliner truck at Olympic Bouleward, Los Angeles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








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