Mar 20 – Recent Trucking News-We Know What Coffee Does For Truckers

I do not think it takes a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to figure out how coffee keeps drivers awake. I could have told you that and been paid well for the information that the folks paid to learn this. I love my coffee and will drink two thermos’s a day and love all of it. I like my French vanilla creamer and my sugar, I admit that freely. The hot coffee keeps me going and I do enjoy having my coffee mug on the dash at the ready when I want a sip. Big surveys are not needed, yes coffee does keep us awake.

A well-respected medical news site reported Tuesday morning that a study Down Under found that truckers who swigged coffee or some other caffeinated brew were safer drivers.

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How to drink your coffee "How to drink your coffee “


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Could That Cuppa Joe Save Your Life? – Trucker Blog


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