Mar 27 – Recent Trucking News-Good Shop In Grand Island Nebraska

I am at a Boss Shop right now and just had 2 steer tires mounted. I will be getting an manual adjustment on my steer axle as it has been eating my tires and that is not good. I finally found somebody who can bend the axle back into shape so it will align properly. I was amazed at how fast they got my truck in the shop and all done. The shop I used in in Grand Island Nebraska. I wanted to get Michelin steers, but my company said they had to work out some issues with the national account. Maybe next time as I was sold on the 16 ply steer tires.
Boss Truck Shops has joined the Michelin Americas Truck Tires service network. As a result, Boss will now offer services to trucking fleets that are part of the Michelin Commercial Service Network.
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