Mar 28 – Recent Trucking News-Pets On The Road

I myself would not bring my dogs or cat on the road with me but many truckers do have dogs with them as companions. I see nothing wrong with it as it does give a lot of drivers someone to talk to and have at least some company. My dogs would not do well on the road, you would be the one to make that decision as to how well they would cope with road life. Most dogs do well and it all depends on how the human takes care of their needs. I have seen many cats sitting on the dash going down the road, just enjoying the scenery and having a great time.

The Wonderful World of Trucking Pets


Pets offer not only companionship, but health benefits too. It is a well know fact that stroking a pet can lower blood pressure and stress hormones. When one is depressed or lonely, a pet can offer unconditional love; it does not matter if you are pretty or not, thin or not, or had a bath today, they will love you.

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