Mar 30 – Recent Trucking News-New Award Program At Petro And TA?

Does this mean if you flip off a bad 4 wheeler driver then you lose the award? I am just kidding sort of, but I would be interested on how they plan to figure out who gets the award from what criteria? Do they run out in the parking lot and look for pretty trucks and drivers in suits?  My truck gets used hard, I serve the oil field industry a lot and I would go broke with truck washes if I could even find them in some of these areas. But all kidding aside, I hope the program works for some of the good drivers out there.

TravelCenters of America, operator of the TA and Petro Stopping Centers travel center brands, announced its first “Citizen Driver” award program designed to recognize professional drivers who evoke public respect for the truck driving profession. The program was launched last week at the Mid-America Trucking Show…

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