Multi Stop Steel Variety Load-Jim The Trucker Videos Series

This load had many different shapes of steel that needed tying down. From sheet to bar to plate and curved pieces. It went well and this is one video that you will want to see. I was able to shoot the video is 2 parts so you could see the larger sheet before and after loading and delivery.

After we got the first stop done it was all downhill from there. The hardest part was finding these rock quarries and get the parts to the folks that needed them. Finding the correct places to place chains and straps have come with years on the road doing this and always making sure I have plenty of connections to the freight to keep it in place.


I will cover some of the methods used in a quick list below.

  • Proper chain wrap technique
  • Strap wrap method, which way to manage the pull
  • Amount of chains and location
  • Dunnage ¬†or wood location

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