New HOS Rules Mean Less Flexibility for Shippers + MORE Recent Trucking News Jul 20th

Most news we like to see is good and positive, but sometimes it seems like the trucking industry has had a lot of changes and not all good. New laws, rules, and regulations make our lives much harder than it should be. Some news we cover will of course be on this, but on occasion we may actually have something cool to report. Let us hope the cool stuff outweighs the rules stuff.



Trucking seems an unlikely candidate for technological transformation. It is, after all, literally where the rubber meets the road. But the latest changes to federal hours of service rules may be the catalyst trucking needs.
The HOS rules that took effect on July 1 are a cause for concern for those….

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Still pondering the latest twist in the truck driver hours of service rules? Sorry, time’s up. Eighteen months after they were released in late 2011, the oft-revised and, at least among truckers, much-reviled hours of service rules took effect on July 1.
The changes to the 34-hour restart, which must include…

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