Oil Field Pump Delivery

Delivering New Oil Field Pumps

I have done a few of these loads over the years and they are good connector loads out of El Paso Texas. They pay ok and that is fine with me as they load easily. The shipper gives great help in telling a person what they need to do for load securement. Watch what the reported weights are for any given piece, they almost loaded me with a 48,000 lb load and that is more than I can scale. You want to keep legal no matter what as they do have scales on the way and also portable scales.

The load goes to Odessa Texas to Weatherford co. and they are a good company to work with on a customer basis. I have never had an issue with them as far as getting unloaded in a timely manner. You can see why these loads are popular, they do not take up much space and are easy to tie down. Other than having to wear long sleeve shirts on a very hot day, it was not that bad. The next day they were supposed to drop 50 degrees, to bad it was not the same day I was there.

Speaking of dropping temperatures, I went to north Texas and beyond with my next load and it dropped 60 degrees and snowed in Kansas as I passed through. The same day I went from 98 to 37 degrees in the same state.



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